FAST - Fast And Simple Ticket

Welcome to the website for FAST (Fast And Simple Ticket). After a request for a ticketing system, I found all the packages available were too complex for my clients needs and would need modification to allow specific reports to be generated so decided I may as well start from scratch.

Because this system is so small with only basic features, it makes the ideal starting platform for any custom ticket system. MJS are available to build custom features for you if you don't have time of the necessary experience.


Key features include:

  • Fast and simple to install - with just a few files in a single directory, it's almost ready to go once it's saved to the web server. Configuration consists of simply editing a single config.php file and creating a database (no need to create tables, this will be done the first time the site is opened).
  • Fast and simple to use - a client doesn't need to set up an account to request support, they simply fill in a form with four fields (name, email address, phone number and support request details). They will be sent a confirmation email with the request details and a link for them to access the ticket to check progress or add further information. The link will include a random key to protect the ticket from others.
  • Admin access is available in several levels (1=view/update tickets, 2=view reports, 4=add/edit admins).
  • An administrator can add to any ticket, with any new information being emailed to the person who initiated the ticket.
  • An administrator can close a ticket if they think their response is sufficient to solve the support request. An administrator or the ticket creator may open the ticket again by simply adding to it.
  • When a new admin account is created, an email is sent to the new admin with username and password.

Built to be simple and easy requiring as little as possible:
  • PHP 5.x (it will probably work on PHP 4.x, but I don't have anything left with PHP4.x running).
  • MySQL
This system will run on Windows, Linux, Solaris or anything else with a standard installation of PHP/MySQL (I'm currently experimenting with running it on a Netgear NV+ NAS box). The installation includes a script to simplify Linux/Unix configuration and instructions for a Windows installation.

Screen Shots

Built for Firefox
Please note that this system is built for Firefox and JaveScript features may not work in other browsers - but this will not effect functionality.

Download & License

A single file with all images and the two PHP files can be downloaded from the HISTORY section below. To install, simply uncompress the file into the directory you intend to run from, then run the '' script to build the 'config.php' file, set permissions and create the necessary admin directory with symbolic links and .htaccess/.htpasswd files.

This software is offered under the GPL, see the file COPYING in the download for full terms and conditions.

Free support is not currently available, but any system administrator should be able to understand the system and configure it without any problems. Paid support is available on an hourly basis, covering (but not limited to) instalation, configuration, modification and graphic changes.

  1. Logging has been added where data is written to a log file as well as the database
  2. Option to expire a ticket when a client hasn't responded
v0.7 Changes:
  1. Templates brought into database and can be edited by anyone with admin level as set in config.php
  2. Option to update a ticket without sending to client
  3. Notice if email address has spaces in it
  4. Flash screen background on reload if an open ticket is available
v0.6 Changes:
  1. Ability for staff to change the page background colour (using jscolor javascript)
  2. Auto-reload 'Open Tickets' page every 180 seconds
  3. Admin level 4+ can resend any ticket update (useful when an email address has been entered incorrectly)
v0.5 Changes:
  1. Custom links configurable in config.php.
  2. FTR (For The Record) email to staff member who updates a ticket.
  3. Level 4 admin can edit ticket headers.
  4. Integration has an added feature: ?m=iframe&m2=new&col1={COMPANY_NAME}&width=560&info={pre-fill} (where {pre-fill} can be replaced with text to pre-fill the support request box)
v0.4 After starting to use the system in a productive environment, it soom became clear that additions could simplify usage:
  1. Additional column for the table which can have it's title and drop down list contents edited in the config file.
  2. Reply templates, editable in the config file.
  3. Ticket age shown in several places.
  4. 'Assign to' dropdown list of staff, simply sends an email to the staff member telling them the ticket has been assigned to them.
  5. 'Login as' - in cases where a support request is taken by phone with follow-ups by phone, the person entering the ticket updates may log in as the person the ticket is for, so as to record the information as being submitted by the client.
  6. Integration into another page or site by adding command line switches: ?m=iframe&m2=new&col1={COMPANY_NAME}&width=560 (where {COMPANY_NAME} is replaced with one of the company names as specified in the config file).
  7. Search tickets on 'col1', 'name', 'email', 'phone' as either and 'and' or an 'or' search.
v0.3 New features:
  1. Checking to ensure a blank ticket isn't submitted.
  2. Option to pass a ticket to a dedicated member of staff
v0.2 Changes:
  1. The email sent out has been changed to send a plain text version as well as rich text (otherwise it gets a higher spam rating).
  2. A new function has been added to allow the root user (by name, so only the root user) to delete a line from a ticket.
v0.1The first release so no changes have been made. When deciding upon a name, I was debating between two options - 'Fast And Simple Ticket' and 'Fast And Reliable Ticket'. The name eventually chosen was purely down the to acronym sounding more professional.